What Are the Different Types of Slot Bonuses?

What Are the Different Types of Slot Bonuses?


Slot machines generally offer a large amount of hose edge to punters that vary between 3 to 6%. This much per cent of house edge means that if gamblers cannot manage large winnings, they can be easily bankrupt.

That’s why bonuses became a crucial part of online Slot Gacor, as with bonuses as players can play for a longer time. Online casinos’ bonuses help shift the game’s odds in favour of gamblers. Moreover, they also help the players to make significant amounts of profits.

Cashable Bonuses

Players are required to deposit some amount of money to avail of the cashable bonus. Casinos provide some per cent of cashback on the deposited amount. Before accepting the cashable bonus, punters must read all the terms and conditions related to the bonus carefully. Sometimes, certain limits are applied to the bonus written in the terms and conditions.

Sticky Bonuses

A sticky bonus is the type of bonus that can be used for playing slots, but players cannot withdraw them. Sticky bonuses are divided into several types, such as phantom sticky bonuses and other variations.

Like the cashable bonus, the sticky bonus also has a specific type of betting requirement. The sticky bonuses with low betting requirements can generate massive amounts of profits. However, some online casinos provide the sticky bonus without any betting requirement.

Phantom Sticky Bonus

A phantom sticky bonus is the most common and popular stick bonus. All the large software companies that developed online casinos use this bonus. A phantom sticky bonus is directly added to the gamblers’ deposit amount, which they can use while placing bets. However, when players withdraw, the phantom bonus amount is subtracted from their balance.

Clear Play Bonuses

Clear play bonuses offer the opportunity for the punters to withdraw their winnings whenever they want to withdraw. Most online casinos use an updated version of the clear play bonus as a signup bonus. In addition, casinos are also offering free play signup bonuses to their new players.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses offer the players some percentage of the return amount of their net losses. This bonus is only provided to players if they face frequent losses over a certain period. When it comes to the cashback bonus, it generally does not have any type of wagering requirement.

This feature of the cashback bonus makes them highly preferable for playing the online slot gacor. In addition, there is also a mathematical formula by which casinos calculate the cashback bonus for each player. The formula is calculated as the average profit subtracted from the average loss.

Loyalty Bonus

In some online casinos, a loyalty bonus is called a VIP bonus. A loyalty bonus is offered to those players who have been playing on the same casinos for a long time. It is offered as a reward for their loyalty to the casino. When a gambler becomes a casino VIP, they can get many extra rewards and bonuses than regular players.

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